What is FEW? 

FEW, or Financial Empowerment Workshops, are workshops created in collaboration with universities or organizations to supplement students educational career by providing workshops focused on financial preparedness. FEW is our, GLT US’s, opportunity to directly speak to and impact our MVPs – truly, students today aren’t just the “leaders of tomorrow,” they also happen to be the faces, voices, game-changers, bosses, moms, dads, entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

We get it, whether students are currently attending university or not, the thought of paying back tens of thousands of dollars in debt is daunting, to put it politely. So, GLT US started by building a program that supports specific and targeted needs, because if someone throws a whole book at students, they duck and cover, if someone throws a paper plane at a person, they might actually catch it (or better yet, read it). 

These workshops constitute day long conferences and/or multi-part series that run throughout the semester, addressing basic financial concerns for all American students (i.e. student loans & debt), but also address specific content and resources for students who are about to graduate, or have recently graduated. We always encourage FEW to be tailored to a demographic or specific school, such as students in acting, education, architecture, or social work. 

GLT US Project Managers do their best to identify content in collaboration with student interviews and the student’s direct governing bodies to ensure content is tailored, applicable, and relevant. These workshops are hosted by our team, or speakers that are either experts in their respective fields or experienced individuals with an applicable background. These speakers engage with students to support empowerment and preparation for the financial demands their specific industry has as they enter the working world.

Skim through some photos of our latest FEW at NYU Tisch Department of Drama