SDG 8 : Decent Work & Economic Growth

Global Thinking Foundation is a proud US participant and host business for young entrepreneurs seeking to learn and understand more about US non-profits and civil society organizations.

Economic Sustainability, Equity, and Growth Research Grant (ESEG Research Grant)

Global Thinking Foundation want students to show the world the best of what they’ve got! Economics, Finance, Sustainable Development and other big goals of a similar kind are great and awesome, but we know that it takes the brilliant, entrepreneurial, down to earth ideas of students to actually make those big goals possible.

Global Thinking Foundation US hosts a biennial call for papers to support 1 winning, and 2 runner up research proposals for grants that propose innovative, poignant, and fearless topics within the GLTF SDG’s 4, 5, and 8. We want to help make those big research ideas in your brain possible, and discover the magic that happens when you get a chance to chase them and write them down.

ESEG Research Grants are evaluated by a distinguished board of professors from Business & Economics Departments, and Non-Profit Sector professionals from both New York City and Washington DC.

ESEG Research Grants will be awarded formally in November 2020 at Global Thinking US’s Annual Winter Gala.

ESEG Research Grants Applications, Criteria, & Supporting Materials will be available in November of 2019.

For Applications, please visit this ESEG Research Grants page again in October 2019, or sign up for our newsletter to get updates on ESEG Grants and other financial news!