International Monetary Fund & World Bank Meetings

Global Thinking Foundation continues to attend the International Monetary Fund & World Bank Meetings for both the Spring and Fall/Annual Meetings year over year. The Foundation has attended the IMF & World Bank Meetings, with global representation, for the last 4 years as a recognized Civil Society Organization, and continues to attend every Meeting that is hosted in an accessible country.

The Foundation attends the IMF & World Bank Meetings to learn financial innovations & expertise, global trends, share knowledge & experience, network with like & diversely minded organizations & people, and create incredible collaborations with global partners.

Attendance at the IMF & World Bank Meetings has allowed for our teams to have powerful, global, sustainable, and impactful perspectives that they would otherwise never have been exposed to in our global financial world.

Scroll through photos from the two most recent IMF & World Bank meetings that our global team has attended!

IMF/WB Annual Meeting 2019

IMF/WB Spring Meetings 2019