Mission, Vision, Values

Global Vision

What gets us out of bed every morning (including Mondays)

To fearlessly challenge the economic status quo and reinvigorate the global
economy through education, equality, and economic citizenship.

Global Mission

Our audacious 5 year target

To support financial education, gender equality, and economic participation, while actively engaging local
communities, national institutions, and international organizations in 5 strategic countries by 2025.

US Goal

What are we fighting for in the US

To offer financial education to indebted and financially unstable groups,
beginning with workforce entry age young adults.

Global Values

What we live and breathe by


Creating a feeling of global and local fellowship with others, as a result of openly sharing attitudes, interests, and goals to create a common interest.


The quality of treating people equally or in a manner that is right and reasonable, whether in human - to - human interaction, or in institutional standard.


Willingness to take risks and act innovatively; having confidence and courage in the presence of an unknown.


The action or state of being included within a group, structure, or community, diversity is being asked to a party, inclusion is grabbing a drink, choosing the music, and taking to the dance floor.

Virtuous Cycle

A cycle that serves as the moral excellence and goodness of a community and people.

The Virtuous Cycle begins with the action of receiving education, grasping knowledge, becoming able & proficient, understanding personal awareness, feeling empowered, and through this feeling of empowerment, one naturally sharing their education & experience with others anew.