The A team

Hey US,

Meet your team of nerds, dancers, misfits, badasses, singers, game-changers, awkward queens, hard-workers, leaders, moms, children-at-heart, superman lunch box carrying FRIENDS.


We asked our best friends and better halves to tell you all about us, here’s what the people we love have to say about us, whether we wanted them to or not….

Claudia Segre

President & Founder
Milan, Italy & New York, NY
Undaunted, Quintessential, Witty, Powerful, Originator

Claudia is the great tiger queen leading multiple teams in multiple countries. Her fire and passion are as bright & powerful as her genuine & kind spirit. In her eyes, the world is a landscaper of endless hope, potential, strategic opportunity for good, and progress to create the positive real change that we all dream of being a part of. Decades in finance have allowed Claudia to perceive gaps in the world that the rest of us miss, yet so desperately need filled once our eyes have been opened to them. At the end of every day, her heart, smarts, and humor are the force this world needs to change trajectory into becoming a place more full of equality, potential, equity, hope, and future.

-Ricardo, a.k.a Ric

Mary Rossi

Director of Financial Inclusion & US Partnerships
New York, NY
Elegant, Ethical, Sarcastic, Inquisitive, Mastermind

Mary is an old soul who appears to possess all the skills and know-how of her previous lives at her fingertips in this one. She believes that the finer things in life are felt and shared, though certainly also facilitated by the more tangible, such as an exquisite espresso. As a well-traveled citizen of the world, her linguistic repertoire is vast, fueled by a passion for understanding what makes things tick and a fascination for the ways humans cultivate meaning. Upon meeting Mary, you will discover the duality of her radiant warmth and her staggering wit, both unmatched.

- Emily a.k.a “Em”

Lauren Stockmon Brown

Assistant Program Manager
New York, NY
Curious, Passionate, Intelligent, Charismatic, Bold

Lauren Stockmon Brown has a presence about her that is not only impressive, but contagious. She lives every moment to its fullest degree. She is willing to take the time to understand and throw everything she's got into fixing the problem. LSB wakes up everyday wanting to make a difference in a world that needs people who are inquisitive, sensible, and hard working. Lauren checks every box and more.

- Elijah, a.k.a "Eli"

Austin Davidson

Program Partnerships & Relations Manager
New York, NY
Loving, Reliable, Self-Aware, Intelligent, Resilient

Austin is a constant light in this often dark world. He faces adversity head on and uses it to bend, not break him. Constantly yearning for growth and inspiration, he remains self-aware in life’s journey. Friends are lucky to keep him close knowing that he will always choose love and grace, mirroring his eternal faith. I love Austin, and you will too.

- Analisa

Yosef Hazan

Assistant Program Partnerships & Relations Manager
Brooklyn, NY
Reliable, Growth-oriented, Personable, Honest, Funny

Yosef is a warm and wise young man who can relate to people from completely different backgrounds, making each person feel at ease in a short few moments.
He has a special way of listening and breaking down things to make them more easy and clear to solve.
He has wit and a great sense of humor, which blended with his commitment and loyalty, his open mind and acceptance toward his fellow, creates this incredible and healthy balanced way of living life.
Yosef is always up for an adventure and is the friend you can always count on.

- Chaya

Nolan DiFrancesco

Research & Reporting Project Manager
Washington, D.C.
Adventurous, Generous, Dreamer, Welcoming, Enthusiastic

Nolan hails from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, but has lived in Washington, DC long enough to call it home. Since graduating from Johns Hopkins University, he’s been spotted farming in Egypt, motorbiking through Laos, and scootering around Dupont Circle. He’s an international adventure seeker (ask him about that one hike in Switzerland) who’s happiest near any body of water he can jump into. Outside of his work at the Global Thinking Foundation, Nolan can be found dreaming up new business ideas and greeting both cats and dogs with unbridled enthusiasm. Talk to Nolan about ranked choice voting, Teslas, bonobos, board games, carbon capture, cookstoves - or better yet, teach him something about what you’re most passionate about.

- Catherine

Amber Yang

Podcast & Film Program Manager
New York, NY
Fearless, Warmhearted (or sweet), Patient, Talented, Optimistic

Amber has an unmatched zest for life, an optimism for not only doing things well, but with grace. She chooses to see the good in people, not because of naïveté, but because she is genuinely that kind. She is a true visionary - someone who looks at a blank page and sees possibilities, and she is patient enough to pursue the right vision rather than the one that comes first. She finds meaning in the small moments of kindness between strangers, snapshots of everyday life where people choose to be better. She faces even the steepest obstacle with a smile and brings kindness wherever she goes.

- Mike